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American Farmland Trust Initiative ~ Women for the Land

AFT’s Women for the Land works to confront gender inequality of women farmers and landowners through intentional peer-learning, research, and policy advocacy, In addition this program helps build knowledge and networks to access more financial aid and technical assistance to support farm viability and climate resilience, often unavailable to women who farm.


Navdanya describes themselves as an Earth-centric, Women-centric and Farmer-led movement for the protection of biological and cultural diversity.

Under the leadership of Dr. Vandana Shiva, they are preserving, sharing and breeding seeds of nutritious, climate resilient food in more than 150 communities across 22 states in India. All their food is grown without chemicals, with a goal of regeneration of soil, water and biodiversity.

Co-op Las Amazonas

Co-op Las Amazonas is a group of women between ages 19 and 62, who are working with Kindred Foods CR and the women farmers of Longo Maï to develop a program to capture carbon, improve biodiversity, and generate both income and food security.

In the past Las Amazonas have been part of a program funded by the United Nations (UNDP) that allowed them them to build greenhouses for the reproduction of native species/medicinal plants. With government and local support they started Madremonte Natural Cosmetics to create infrastructure to process all these plants in the most sustainable way.


CoopeCuna was founded in 2013 by Guisselle Monge Mora and women leaders from her community on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. They dreamt of a more healthy and sustainable way to farm. They formed a cooperative to focus on medicinal plant production, ecotourism, and teaching people the importance of organic farming.

With small steps at first, Guisselle and her neighbors grew CoopeCuna’s operation. Their hard work has borne fruit; CoopeCuna is a leader in Latin America with their innovative regenerative farming techniques that produce superplants for Thrive Natural Care, as well as Cocoa, Origanum, and other crops for customers from around the world. Guiselle and her Cooperative’s vision of healthier soil, improved ecosystem function, and greater livelihoods is a model for cooperatives everywhere.